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Common Read

Little Princes, the story by NGN Co-Founder Conor Grennan is the story of how NGN began. It is now a bestseller.

Why not spread the word about child trafficking in Nepal and make Little Princes a Common Read in your College, School, Library or book group?

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Speaking Engagements

Conor can be booked for speaking engagements through the HarperCollins Speakers Bureau.

Some of the universities and schools that have already made Little Princes a Common Read are Villanova, Virginia Tech, Ball State, San Jose State, Elon College, St. Bonaventure, Otterbein University, Hilbert College, St. Cloud State, and many more.

Here is what others have said about Conor’s speaking engagements on Little Princes:

"In short, Conor was sensational ... his talk was one of the best author talks I have ever seen (and I have seen a lot). He ended it with a portion really tailor-made and personalized to our audience and it was just wonderful. [We've] brought in Vonnegut, Sontag, you name it, and we filled the huge orchestra hall every time. But all of us agreed that Conor -- and his message -- was better than any of them.
– Brad Ricca, Case Western Reserve University

When Conor delivered the keynote address during their induction ceremony, his inspirational and accessible approach, his ideas and his insights prompted 5000 students to give him a standing ovation. Conor personifies those qualities of leadership and return to community that we encourage at the university; he has already inspired our students to set up a fundraising drive to give back to the community ... This extraordinary young man is a profound example of how one person can make a difference in the community, and how one's actions can have a huge impact and inspire so many others to do the same."
--Elizabeth Cannon, President, University of Calgary

"Conor Grennan is an engaging and entertaining speaker whose quick wit and unpretentious manner reinforce the power of his story. He speaks especially effectively to young adults in terms they relate to while making clear his belief in finding yourself through service to others -- whatever the initial motive to that service might be."
-- Joe Lucia, University Librarian, Villanova University

"Conor has a gift for communicating with young people a very authentic way. Not only did over five hundred Collegiate middle school students give him a standing ovation following his presentation on the Little Princes Children's Home and Next Generation Nepal, these same students are now inspired to serve in the local Richmond community and in larger world community."
--Sally Chambers, Collegiate Academy

"Conor was terrific -- easygoing, very fan-friendly, a charismatic speaker... this year's All Fairfax Reads selection has been one of the most popular so far. [He] was an all-around fantastic speaker -- personable, charismatic ... The audience loved the way he included so many captivating slides from his travels in Nepal."
--Ted Kavich, All Fairfax Reads

"Reading Conor Grennan's Little Princes with my seventh grade students was tremendously rewarding for all involved. My students' natural curiosity was piqued and they quickly became personally invested in Conor's and the orphans' experiences. My students were genuinely intrigued by the stories of the individuals involved, and they were captivated by the cultural differences and injustices that Conor brought to light. A heightened cultural awareness resulted as was an appreciation for the many advantages my students are fortunate enough to enjoy as a result of their more secure upbringings. Conor's rapport with this age group was excellent. He was engaging and showed genuine interest in the students' many questions. There was a mutual respect and speaker and audience related beautifully. Students were compelled to wonder how such injustices continue to be perpetuated and how they can help the children of Nepal. My students were truly inspired by Little Princes and Conor himself."
--Randi Rosen, New Paltz Middle School

“Conor's presentation was extremely relevant and embraced the theme of our YMCA Peace Medal Breakfast, which was to honour individuals that foster a Culture of Peace in our community. He was engaging and captured hearts of the audience. His story was relevant and demonstrated to the young people in our audience that we all can make a difference in the world."
--Susy Comegna, YMCA of Hamilton/Burlington/Brantford, Ontario, Canada