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Follow NGN's efforts to reconnect trafficked children with their families.


Next Generation Nepal is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization.


Mission & Vision

NGN’s Vision
A Nepal free from the threat of child trafficking and strengthened by thriving agricultural communities populated by generations of children living together with their families in strong, safe communities that provide the care, education and life skills necessary for a productive life in rural Nepal.

NGN’s Mission
Next Generation Nepal prevents the trafficking of children into abusive children's homes and rebuilds family connections torn apart by traffickers.

How We Work

Driven by our fundamental belief in the strength of families, Next Generation Nepal offers temporary care and education for children trafficked into exploitative children’s homes. The rescued children stay temporarily in the safety of our transitional home while the process of family tracing and reconnection begins.

The NGN funded search teams travel for days on foot through the remote mountain villages of Nepal to find the families of trafficked children, and provide news and photos of these children to their families. We work to reunite these children with their families, conduct thorough assessments of village conditions and family capacities, all in an effort to permanently reunite as many children as possible with their families. Once children are reunited with their families, we conduct regular monitoring visits and provide support to prevent re-trafficking.

The hope for Nepal’s trafficked children is found in our core programs:

The Three Rs:
Rescue, Rehabilitation, Return Home

Enabling Change-makers
  • NGN works with the government to help rescue children from exploitation.
  • Re-homed in a safe transitional home, the children are cared for, rehabilitated and provided with an education.
  • Staff use innovative counseling and play techniques to spark children’s memories of family and home.
  • Search teams use this information to find families often in remote regions of Nepal. Without help, parents have little hope of ever finding their children once displaced.
  • Once found, and once the child is ready, reconnections take place with family members, before we fully return them to their families.
  • Following the reunification of children, we ensure that they are monitored closely and frequently, and families are supported to prevent re-trafficking.
  • NGN offers scholarships and mentoring to a few young people from Humla that were trafficked during the conflict and kept in orphanages for a prolonged period of time. To win a scholarship the young person must be fully and legally reunified, be reacquainted with their home culture, language and customs, and show real academic promise.
Strengthening Others Helping people to make ethical volunteering choices in Nepal
  • NGN has worked hard with its partners since 2006 to develop a unique approach to social work and trafficked children and their families in Nepal. We share this expertise amongst our peers through training and technical advice.
  • NGN works with the Government of Nepal, embassies, civil society and foreign volunteers themselves to spread awareness of orphanage trafficking, and to help volunteers and charities make ethical choices when donating time or money to those who most need it in Nepal.
  • Once traffickers understand they cannot profit from the goodwill of foreigners, the sooner the lifeblood to child trafficking into orphanages can be halted.
Preventing children from being trafficked and keeping families together  
  • NGN works with the Government of Nepal at strategically located check posts to monitor buses inbound to Kathmandu for children traveling without their parents who may be the victims of trafficking. When found, these children are quickly reunified with their families BEFORE they end up in institutions
  • NGN implements awareness-raising campaigns in rural communities to inform the public about the dangers of child trafficking and engage communities in the discussion.
  • In the post-earthquake environment child-friendly spaces have been established to protect children and keep them safe, while affording their parents time to rebuild their lives – making it possible for families to stay together.

In keeping with the regulations of non-profits in Nepal, NGN works through its implementing partner The Himalayan Innovative Society in all of the work that it does with children and families.

Reconnecting children with their families
A brochure about NGN's work in Nepal.