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November 2016
My ‘ethical’ tantrum in Kathmandu.

September 2016
Does volunteering in an orphanage create a demand for child trafficking?

Wenn Kinder zu Waisengemachtwerden

August 2016
The dark side of orphanage 'Voluntourism' in Nepal that's putting children at risk​

Helping hands on holiday: How to avoid the pitfalls of voluntourism

Freiwilligenarbeit im Urlaub:Helfen, sich gut fühlen, abreisen

Nepal’s Phony Orphans: Fueled by the rise of “voluntourism,” poor Nepali families are routinely tricked into sending their children to badly run orphanages.

J.K. Rowling breaks down why volunteering at orphanages can cause more harm than good.

June 2016
Debunking the orphanage myth​

Are we more interested in feeling good than actually doing good?

The Voluntourism Paradox​

So findest du für Freiwilligenarbeit im Ausland die richtige Organisation​

May 2016
The dark truth about orphanage volunteering

I volunteered at an orphanage and now I campaign against it

#StopOrphanTrips: How will volunteer tourism organizations respond?

6 reasons you should think twice about orphanage tourism​

Pity the Children

Why we don’t support orphanage volunteering 

Why you should think twice about volunteering abroad​

How the Umbrella Foundation is helping end “voluntourism” in Nepal

April 2016
Les faux orphelinats, une autre catastro (behind a paywall)​

March 2016
Aussies “unwittingly creating orphans”

Crocodile smiles and con tricks

So you want to be a voluntourist?

February 2016
Presenting Wisdom Wednesday: when volunteering in children homes might not be the best idea

Wisdom Wednesday: Martin Punaks, why orphanage volunteering is not a good idea after all

The kids aren’t alright

January 2016
Volunteer travel: experts raise concern over unregulated industry 

December 2015
No better time for volunteerism and yet so much can be done

October 2015
Swiss National TV feature on Orphanage Trafficking in Nepal

Orphanage voluntourism makes school students complicit in abuse

September 2015
A better way to go volunteering: Go Experteering

Nepal: Freiwillige dürfen nicht Kinderhändlern in die Hände spielen

or the translated version

Nepal: Volunteers must not play into the hands of child traffickers

Nepal’s illegal orphanages: what can be done?

Evil can wear a compassionate face

Children trafficked by fake aid workers rescued in Nepal

Foreign adoptions ‘make children commodities,’ NGO challenges definition of human trafficking

August 2015
Where have all the children gone?

Foreign paedophiles prey on Nepal

No Place Like Home

July 2015
Stop the Orphanage Business

Protecting Children in Post-Earthquake Nepal

Update on Next Generation Nepal since earthquake: Organization responds quickly to support and protect vulnerable children

June 2015
Development professionals advice: don't serve with children in Nepal

Holidays in earthquake country: can we go to Nepal now?

UNICEF Fears Surge in Child Trafficking after Nepal Quakes

Terming Them Ineffective the CCWB Moves to Downsize Child Care Centers

Boom in "voluntourism" sparks concern over whether the industry is doing good

May 2015
Interview with NGN/THIS Program Director, Samjyor Lama, on BBC World Have Your Say May 4, 2015.

Want to help the children of Nepal? Don’t fuel the orphanage industry

Don’t fuel the orphanage industry in Nepal

Earthquake Orphans: What Nepal can learn from Haiti

Nepal Earthquake - Further Crisis for Children

Does this “Nepali” image make you want to build these children a home? Think again

Nepal Earthquake Could Lead to a Rise in Institutional Care

Interview with NGN Country Director, Martin Punaks, on BBC Radio (about 45 min in)

Interview with NGN Country Director, Martin Punaks, on Channel 4 in Sweden

April 2015
Don’t Rush to Nepal to help. Read this first.

March 2015
The business of orphanages: where do “orphans” come from?

Interview with Anna McKeon, Communication Consultant, Better Care Better Volunteering Network (Part I)

January 2015
Few Ideas for Action: A Short Essay on Voluntourism and Orphanage Volunteering


Nepal Orphanage Volunteer on Rape Charge


Orphanage Scam Volunteering Fuels Child Trafficking


Knowledge, Power, and Inequality: Why I wrote the Paradox of Orphanage Volunteering


Is Orphanage Tourism Fuelling Trafficking?


Orphanage Scam Volunteering Fuels Child Trafficking


Embassy of Denmark: The Paradox of Orphanage Volunteering

December 2014
Local Students Fight Orphan Fraud

Bal Mandir rapists jailed

Not for profit

Fake orphanage biz boom in Nepal

Orphanage Volunteering Conference Concluded

Volunteers could cause "emotional damage" to orphanage children: Research

From Orphanage Volunteering to Ethical Volunteering

Best interest of the child highlighted during conference on orphanage volunteering

Report exposes bogus orphanages in Nepal

Orphanage Volunteering: An interview with Martin Punaks, Country Director Next Generation Nepal

JK Rowling: Isn't it time we left orphanages to fairytales?

November 2014
From orphanhood to trafficked

September 2014
Children in Nepal Orphanages 'At Risk of Abuse'

Orphanage Tourism Overview by NGN

Why UNICEF and Save the Children Are Against Your Short-Term Service in Orphanages

Not All Is Well With "Orphanages"

August 2014
Orphanages Fuel Child Trafficking in Nepal

The Travel Book Gives This Orphanage Four Stars

July 2014
Child Predators

Volunteering: Philanthropy or Misanthropy?

June 2014
Volunteering to be a Tourist

Orphanage Tourism is Worse than Many of Us Thought

Nepal Adoptions Chief Raped and Groomed Orphans for Prostitution, Claims British Teacher

Child Predators Detained

May 2014
The Harm in Trying to Help

Nepal's Bogus Orphan Trade Fuelled by Rise in 'Voluntourism'

April 2014
Selling Sympathy

March 2014
Conor Grennan, Little Princes and Dil Shova

Children's Homes or a Business?

February 2014
7 Children Missing from Lalitpur Orphanage, CIB Detains Operator

Child Rights Violation on Rise in Lack of Effective Monitoring

Nepal's Orphans: Fighting Child Trafficking

Raids on Orphanages: At Children’s Homes, All is Not Well

December 2013
Of the Children Made Slaves: Fake Orphanages in Nepal

May 2013
"Volun-tourism" in Children Homes of Nepal: Let's Find a Middle Path

September 2012
Son of Yardbirds Drummer Jailed for 30 Years for Posing as Charity Volunteer to Sexually Abuse Children as Young as Six

June 2012
Orphan Girls Molested

Children Sexually Abused in Orphanage Home

One Accused for Sexually Abusing Children Admits Charge

February 2012
Student to Venture up Mountain for Trafficked Children

American Helps Reunite Trafficked Nepalese Children with Families

May 2011
U.S. Still Suspects Fraud in Nepalese Orphanages

April 2011
The Asia Society: The Lost Children of Nepal

Late Night Live: The Lost Children of Nepal

March 2011
Minnesota Public Radio: The Search for Nepal's Missing Children

USA Today: "Little Princes": Bringing Home Nepal's Lost Children

The Connecticut Post: New Canaan Author's Book on Nepal Orphanage a Moving Experience

The Daily New Canaan: Writer on Child Trafficking Coming to Library

The Huffington Post: A Volunteer Trip to Nepal Turns into a Lifetime of Service

February 2011
The Chistian Science Monitor: Little Princes: One Man's Promise to Bring Home the Lost Children of Nepal

January 2011
Toronto Sun: A Quest to Reunite Nepal's Lost Children with Their Families

The Huffington Post:The Reluctant Volunteer: Reuniting Trafficked Children in Nepal

Reuters:U.S. Author's Pick Up Line Becomes Crusade in Nepal