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Next Generation Nepal is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization.


Who We Work With

ACCI Missions and Relief
ACCI transforms communities and nations by developing holistic and sustainable solutions to combat injustice, poverty and reinstate the value of life. ACCI has been a core supporter of NGN’s earthquake response trafficking prevention work.

Ama Foundation
Ama Foundation is a U.S.-based not-for-profit which manages Ama Ghar, a high-quality long-term residential care home for children for whom all other care options have be exhausted. In rare scenarios when NGN has been unable to reunify children with their families, Ama Ghar has offered them a safe and caring home.

Central Child Welfare Board, Government of Nepal
The Central Child Welfare Board (CCWB) is the national Nepalese governmental agency charged with responsibility for “the full realization of the rights of the children of Nepal” by enforcing the laws and expectations of the state and civil society. CCWB works closely with NGN and partner organizations to rescue children trafficked from exploitative children’s homes and to reunify them with their families and communities.

Child Protection Centers and Services (CPCS)
CPCS was founded in 2002 to answer the needs of children on the streets of Nepal. CPCS worked closely with NGN in the initial days after the Nepal earthquake in 2015, and we continue to collaborate through our shared philosophy and towards vulnerable children in Nepal.

Better Volunteering, Better Care
Better Volunteering, Better Care is a diverse collection of individuals and organizations spread throughout the world and united by a common belief that international volunteering in residential care centers should be discouraged, and that alternative ethical models of volunteering should be supported. NGN is a member of its Steering Committee.

Embassy of the United States in Nepal
The mission of the U.S. Embassy in Nepal is to assist Nepal’s development as a peaceful, prosperous and democratic nation that contributes positively to regional stability. NGN has worked closely with the U.S. Embassy in our shared objectives relating to human rights and ethical volunteering.

Forget Me Not
Forget Me Not is an Australian non-profit working in Nepal, India and Uganda. NGN trained Forget Me Not in its reintegration methodology and supported it in its transition from a children’s home to an organization that promotes family-based care. NGN continues to work closely with Forget Me Not on issues of reunification and ethical volunteering. amasses evidence-based tools and peer-reviewed research to advance best practices in global learning, community-university partnership, and sustainable development, particularly in relation to ethical volunteering. NGN works collaboratively with its online community members.

The Himalayan Innovative Society (THIS)
The Himalayan Innovative Society (THIS) is NGN’s local implementing partner in Nepal. It was founded by Dhan Bahadur Lama who supported Conor Grennan in his first ever mission to Humla to find the families of trafficked children. THIS supports exploited Nepali children by carrying out family tracing and reunification missions and improving the quality of children’s education.

The Inter-Agency Group for Child Reintegration
The Inter-Agency Group for Child Reintegration is a network donors, UN agencies and NGOs from around the world that are collaborating to develop a set of global reintegration guidelines for children who have been separated from their families because of poverty, abuse and neglect, migration, and conflict and disasters. NGN is a member of its Core Group.

Just-One facilitates educational opportunities for disadvantaged and marginalized children in Nepal by working at a grass-roots level with the children, their families and their communities to implement a range of carefully developed, culturally sensitive, sustainable initiatives. NGN works collaboratively with Just-One in our work to rehabilitate rescued children and in our work concerning ethical volunteering.

Learning Service
Learning Service promotes a movement of learning, designed to better prepare young people about to travel abroad for the first time, and travelers of all ages looking to give back through their time, with the skills and mindsets they need to be of “service.” NGN works collaboratively with Learning Service in developing our philosophy and projects concerning ethical volunteering.

NGN Canada
NGN Canada was inaugurated in 2013 to raise awareness and funds for NGN’s work in Nepal. The volunteer-run office is based in Ontario and proves a strong and dedicated partner in our work with exploited children in Nepal.

Sanctuary for Kids Foundation, Canada  
Sanctuary for Kids (S4K) is a not-for-profit foundation that serves to provide sanctuary for children who do not live with the right of safety in their lives. The mission of Sanctuary for Kids is to improve the lives of children around the world who need protection and are in crisis—those who are exploited, dispossessed and threatened.

Terre des Hommes Nepal
Terres des Hommes develops and implements projects designed to improve the living conditions of disadvantaged children, their families and communities. Terre des Hommes work closely with NGN on areas of mutual interest concerning children in alternative care.

Umbrella Foundation
The Umbrella Foundation is a family-first children’s charity working to relieve the impact of trafficking, poverty and war on the children of Nepal through projects which promote education, reintegration and community development. NGN was instrumental in reconnecting many of The Umbrella Foundation’s children with their families during its early years and helping it to establish its own reintegration program. NGN continues to work closely with The Umbrella Foundation in areas of child reintegration and ethical volunteering.

The United Nations Children’s Fund promotes the rights and wellbeing of every child. NGN works collaboratively with UNICEF Nepal in relation to our earthquake response trafficking prevention project, and our advocacy efforts to promote ethical volunteering.