We are immensely proud of NGN’s committed and diverse staff. Currently, our staff includes individuals with a range of working experience in South Asia, the USA and Europe. Without their hard work and unwavering commitment to NGN’s values, we could not do what we do for trafficked children of Nepal. Click an image to learn more about each of our talented team members!

Meet Our Team in the U.S.

Anna Howe
Anna HoweExecutive Director
Scott Rosefield
Scott RosefieldCommunications and Advocacy Director
Martin Punaks
Martin PunaksNGN's Strategic Adviser

Meet Our Team in Nepal

Samjyor Lama
Samjyor LamaNepal Country Director
Ram Sharan Shrestha
Ram Sharan ShresthaFinance and Office Manager
Rupa Sitaula
Rupa SitaulaOperational Manager
Kiran Bikram Moktan
Kiran Bikram MoktanCommunications and Support Assistant
Nirajan Buda
Nirajan BudaRegional Project Monitor

Meet NGN Funded “On The Ground” Team

Bashu Phuyal
Bashu PhuyalProgram Coordinator
Sundevi Shahi
Sundevi ShahiFinance Manager
Sundar Lal Kumal
Sundar Lal Kumal Reintegration Officer
Sachin Shrestha
Sachin ShresthaReintegration Officer
Ramila Phuyal
Ramila PhuyalReintegration Officer

Kathmandu-Funded Child Protection Specialists

Mamata Rai
Mamata RaiTransit Manager
Riya Bhattarai
Riya BhattaraiChild Health Coordinator
Bina Tamang
Bina TamangEducational Advisor
Phirpana Limbu
Phirpana LimbuChild Protection Assistant
Keshav Khanal
Keshav KhanalSecurity

We Need Your Help

As of 2019, there are still hundreds of children living in abusive orphanages. 80% of these children are not orphans; they have families. Help us bring them home.