Pragati Katuwal

Reintegration Officer

Pragati Katuwal, Reintegration Officer of CoCoN, is from Kathmandu. She started her career as a Social Work Trainee in Child protection at Spark Children Home in 2012. Previously, she worked as a Social Work Trainee at Pashupati Briddha Aashram Forum for Women’s Law (2013), at the Forum for Women’s Law and Development (2015) and at the Society for Assistance to Children in Difficult Situations (SATHI) in 2017. She also interned with Need-Based India in 2016 and the Family Planning Association of Nepal (FPAN) in 2017. She completed her Master’s degree in Social Work in 2017.

We Need Your Help

As of 2019, there are still hundreds of children living in abusive orphanages. 80% of these children are not orphans; they have families. Help us bring them home.