Ram Sharan Shrestha

Finance and Office Manager

Ram Sharan Shrestha hails from the small village of Chisapani in the Janakpur Zone of northeastern Nepal. Upon completing his SLC exam Ram moved to Kathmandu to begin his plus 2 schooling. Ram then continued his education, receiving his Bachelor in Business Studies from Tribhuvan University, and then continuing on to receive his Masters in Business Studies. Professionally Ram has gained experience in both the NGO and INGO sectors, in addition to his work in private corporations.

Ram began working for THIS in 2007 as both their head of accounting and human resources. This led him to his position as the Finance and Office Manager at NGN. In 2014 he completed his Master’s Degree in Management. Ram’s expertise is an integral part of keeping NGN running on a day to day to basis, and his experience is a major part of NGN’s vision for the future.

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