Trafficked at age 2, rescued at 10, a joyful young girl rediscovers what it means to have a family.

Image: Januka (top) with her mother and cousin | © Eva Capazzola, Forget Me Not

Januka is 10 years old and the youngest of the girls who were rescued in December 2012 from an exploitative children’s home in Kathmandu.

Januka was 2 when she went to her first orphanage and has lived in institutions ever since. Last month though, following the hard work of Reintegration Officers Jampa and Rupa, Januka’s mother was found, along with her two sisters, brother and nephew.

“Januka had not had contact with her family for eight years, so this was a very important meeting,” said Rupa. “We were delighted that Januka took up her mother’s offer to spend a night and two days in her family village on the outskirts of Kathmandu. Januka came back to the transitional home with a real emotional attachment to her family. This is the first major step of reforming family and community relationships.”

For now, Januka will continue to have contact with her family and make visits during school holidays. We are so delighted to have helped conduct the reconnection of this super little girl who is always so full of joy, and we look forward to updating our supporters on her progress.

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The reconnection of Januka to her family is part of the ongoing partnership between NGN, The Himalayan Innovative Society and Forget Me Not.


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