In middle school, I remember hearing about the local church visiting a rural town in Mexico with a group of volunteers for a week to build houses. At the time, I was impressed. Not only did I not know how to find these sort of opportunities on my own, but I remember thinking how noble it was to put yourself outside your comfort zone in such a productive way.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case with voluntourism.

Voluntourism is the act of participating in a short-term volunteer project while visiting a developing country. More often than not, it’s white people visiting a country with a non-white population to work on a tangible project that can be completed, like building a school, building an orphanage or running a medical center. They come for a few weeks, get done what they came to do and leave, as if anything has really changed.


We Need Your Help

As of 2019, there are still 15,000 children living in abusive orphanages. 80% of these children are not orphans; they have families. Help us reunite them.