At 2:30 a.m. on Sunday morning we received an urgent phone call for a rescue of 12 children from an illegal orphanage. The man holding the children escaped a few days earlier leaving the children without enough food. He is still at large, but the children are with us, being cared for by our wonderful transit home staff.
NGN’s amazing team is standing by as well as the health worker and tutor to assess the children’s needs while they are with us.

Our search teams, like all first responders, are making their way into the mountain villages to locate the families so these kids can go home as soon as possible.
Appeal letters usually go out at strategic times – often around holiday seasons. But that’s not how life works when you’re rescuing trafficked children. We are looking to raise $12,000 in the next two weeks. We must find the families of so many children taken from their parents.

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