Child Trafficking News

Child Trafficking News
19 08, 2019

Head of Bal Mandir, nation’s oldest non-profit for children, arrested on charges of child trafficking


The director of the organisation has been accused of abetting a British national in unlawfully procuring a Nepali child and assisting in obtaining fraudulent documents to claim the baby.

Head of Bal Mandir, nation’s oldest non-profit for children, arrested on charges of child trafficking2019-08-20T07:13:12-07:00
23 05, 2019

Why Funding for Orphanages is Harming the Children it Aims to Help


Despite powerful evidence of the negative impact of orphanage care, private donors continue to provide large amounts of funding to orphanages through donations, volunteer tourism, mission trips and other forms of fundraising – adding to the pull factors drawing more vulnerable children into institutional care and away from family or community care.

Why Funding for Orphanages is Harming the Children it Aims to Help2019-05-23T09:16:44-07:00
29 04, 2019

The Unexpected Evils of Altruism


Do you have money and think you can change the world with it? Do you have low self-esteem, or simply crave instant gratification on social media? Or maybe you just want to increase your chance to on Tinder by embodying a third-world savior persona? Well, I’ve got an easy answer to check all your theoretical boxes: voluntourism.

The Unexpected Evils of Altruism2019-04-29T08:02:01-07:00
5 04, 2019

Benevolent harm: Orphanages, voluntourism and child sexual exploitation in South-East Asia


Institution-based sexual exploitation, including within orphanages, is on the rise in South- East Asia. While the drivers of this increase are complex, the growth in volunteer and orphanage tourism creates opportunities for child sexual exploitation by allowing contact between vulnerable children and child sex offenders, stimulating demand for orphanages and orphaned children through child trafficking and paper orphaning, and providing the necessary conditions for orphanage scams.

Benevolent harm: Orphanages, voluntourism and child sexual exploitation in South-East Asia2019-04-05T09:10:04-07:00
18 03, 2019

My regret at volunteering in an orphanage


It was 2010, I was just finishing my A levels and had two months before starting university. I knew I wanted to go away and do something different. I was interested in development work and as an eager and naïve 17-year-old, volunteering abroad in an orphanage seemed like a rewarding, helpful and ethical thing to do.

My regret at volunteering in an orphanage2019-03-18T12:54:23-07:00
12 03, 2019

Success Story: Monitoring and Evaluation in Nepal


"Following the Nepal earthquake in 2015, thousands of people in Nepal were left homeless. Families became increasingly vulnerable to child traffickers removing children from their communities and placing them in institutions. This is a short film about a programme Next Generation Nepal (NGN) established to raise awareness of this issue amongst families. It was created by NGN in partnership with Lumos, to be used in Lumos’ pilot online course, A Short Introduction to Transforming Care, to illustrate the importance of conducting evaluations in the transforming care process. It was considered a model of good practice by Lumos." Check out this video from our Country Director Samjyor Lama how to monitor and evaluate reintegrated children successfully in Nepal.

Success Story: Monitoring and Evaluation in Nepal2019-03-22T12:56:59-07:00
5 03, 2019

We Can Do Better Than Voluntourism


As someone from Nigeria, I usually have mixed feelings when my friends announce they are planning to go volunteer in a country with a high poverty rate. The whole process is a little, well, uncomfortable. I am from Nigeria, and I have family that live there. To me, the idea of someone flying to some African country and offering them help is truly bizarre — probably as strange as it would be for an American to see someone from Nigeria travel here for two weeks to do the same. It also seems more than a little unproductive. I have never understood brief one-time volunteer trips. If you care about a community of people, shouldn’t helping them be a lifelong goal, and not a glorified vacation?

We Can Do Better Than Voluntourism2019-03-05T07:16:33-07:00
21 02, 2019

Urgent! Your Donations Support Our Work in Nepal.


Hello Friends, We would like to take a moment to explain why your donations are so important to NGN's work. NGN is required by the Government of Nepal to spend $200,000 minimum per year on our projects in Nepal. This is easy for large INGOs, but it can be daunting for a small organization such as ours to reach this level of fundraising every year. NGN's presence and work is vital for the children and families of Nepal. Rescue, Reunification and Prevention are our core programs. Over time, NGN has rescued and reunified over 500 children and reached tens of thousands of Nepalis on how to end child trafficking. Your donations make this happen.

Urgent! Your Donations Support Our Work in Nepal.2019-02-21T07:48:06-07:00
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