Future Donations

NGN is in the process of sunsetting our non-profit. Please check back here soon for information on funding our partner in Nepal as they continue NGN projects.


Next Generation Nepal rescues children who are being kept in illegal, abusive children’s homes/orphanages with no hope of ever seeing their families again. Please read more.


Reintegration is the process of reunifying a child with his or her family and community after being displaced. Find out more about how NGN works to find families.

Searching for trafficked children's families in Nepal


To help put an end to child trafficking in Nepal, NGN’s protection program educates children, families and communities about the dangers they face from child traffickers.

Covid Emergency Response

NGN’s rapid response to the Covid-19 crisis in Nepal. Our gallery tells the story of our emergency action the way that only photographs can.

The Journey Home: A Success Story

Several years after being displaced from their families, 19 children living in Kathmandu set out on a journey few ever imagined. Years earlier, they were taken from their families with false promises of safety and education.

Saved from abusive children’s homes by Next Generation Nepal, the children are finally going home. They will travel to the remote district of Humla in western Nepal and reunite with their families. This is their journey.

Who We Work With

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