Rescue and reunification are the core and mission of NGN’s work, and are the driving force that all of us at NGN work daily to achieve.

NGN rescues children that are being kept in illegal, abusive children’s home/orphanages who have no hope of seeing their families again during their childhood.

It has been reported that there are over 15,000 children living in “orphanages” in Nepal, yet at least two-thirds of these children are not orphans.  Despite international and Nepali laws and policies against the use of children’s homes, except as a last resort, hundreds of children continue to be trafficked to the Kathmandu Valley into such institutions. “Orphanages” have become lucrative businesses in Nepal with profit to be made from both the families of children who are deceived and manipulated by traffickers that their child will be provided with sponsorship of education and care in Kathmandu. To parents living in extreme poverty, this appears as an unbelievable gift not knowing that this decision will bring pain and suffering to the child and in the end to their parents.

The Government of Nepal works closely with NGN who provides the resources, skill and commitment to provide a safe and caring facility while NGN teams search for the child’s family.

Our Core Programs

Reuniting with family in Nepal


Preventing child trafficking in Nepal


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There are still hundreds of children in Nepal living in abusive orphanages. Most of these children are not orphans; they have families. At NGN we work every day to return trafficked children to their families, as well as protecting all children from being trafficked in the first place.