In 2015, Nepal was shaken by an earthquake that once again put families at risk of having their children trafficked. NGN quickly implemented awareness campaigns to educate parents and communities about the dangers their children faced, and to address questions from concerned parents. Under this program we created radio jingles warning families of the potential threat of child trafficking; street dramas that enacted out traffickers deceiving families; and posters and fliers to educate and help parents understand the impact of trafficking to both family and community.

Through these preventative measures, NGN has been able to use real-life situations to raise awareness and educate. This has had a huge impact in helping to decrease child trafficking.

Program Performance & Key Statistics

Statistics cover the period from February 2007 to September 2023

  • At least 6 diplomatic missions in Nepal have changed their travel advice to warn against orphanage voluntourism as a result of NGN advocacy.
  • 74 talks and events have been delivered to spread awareness of the dangers of orphanage voluntourism and our advocacy work has been covered in 105 media reports.
  • 11 child-friendly spaces supporting 1,418 children have been established following the 2015 earthquake to protect children against trafficking.
  • 81,612 vehicles have been stopped and searched in earthquake-affected areas, out of which 132 ‘at risk’ children have been intercepted and protected.
  • Over 81,125 families have been reached in earthquake-affected areas to warn them about the dangers of trafficking and the importance of family preservation through radio jingles, leaflets and advocacy events.
  • Over 300 people from 56 families have been supported with food supplies and hygiene kits including masks and sanitizers to fight the Covid-19 crisis.

Our Core Programs

Reuniting with family in Nepal


Preventing child trafficking in Nepal


We Need Your Help

There are still hundreds of children in Nepal living in abusive orphanages. Most of these children are not orphans; they have families. At NGN we work every day to return trafficked children to their families, as well as protecting all children from being trafficked in the first place.