Once a child has been rescued from an abusive orphanage, the reintegration process begins. This takes time. Children are re-homed in a safe transitional home, taken care of, rehabilitated and provided with an education. NGN staff use innovative counseling play techniques to spark children’s memories of family and home which were long ago forgotten. Using this and other information, search teams set out to the, often, remote regions of Nepal, in search of the families. Once found, and once the family has been assessed by our team, and we are assured that the child would be safe and provided for, only then can reconnections take place with the family.  NGN continues to monitor all its reunified children for up to 3 years to ensure that they are safe, continuing their education and free from the risk of being re-trafficked.

Program Performance & Key Statistics

Statistics cover the period from February 2007 – to September 2023

  • 542 missions have been organized in 44 districts of Nepal. These included family tracing, reconnections, reintegration, reunifications and monitoring.
  • Found the families of 769 displaced children and reconnected them through facilitated communication.
  • 398 trafficked and displaced children have been permanently reunified with their families.
  • 23 working relationships have been created between NGN and other I/NGOs through which we have helped to reconnect and reunify children.
  • 62 civil society organizations, government bodies or individuals have been trained and/or technically advised in our methodology and approach
  • 34 youth have been supported through some or all of the following: support towards educational fees and material support at SLC, +2, diplomas or bachelor level; as well as one-to-one mentoring, shelter, food, medical costs and leisure costs.

Our Core Programs

Reuniting with family in Nepal


Preventing child trafficking in Nepal


We Need Your Help

There are still hundreds of children in Nepal living in abusive orphanages. Most of these children are not orphans; they have families. At NGN we work every day to return trafficked children to their families, as well as protecting all children from being trafficked in the first place.