Providing a bright future for the original Little Princes

NGN’s Empowerment Program offers scholarships and mentoring to a few select young people from rural Nepal. They were trafficked as kids during Nepal’s Civil War and kept in orphanages for a prolonged period of time. To receive a scholarship, they had to be fully and legally reunified, be reacquainted with their home culture, including the language and customs and show real academic or technological promise. This program provides them with further education, counseling and mentoring throughout the entirety of their time in it. It is a big opportunity for these kids, and they have taken full advantage of it!

Born out of Conor’s promise to educate the original Little Princes, who he first helped rescue in 2006, the Empowerment Project was created to help get this initial batch of kids through the educational path of their choosing. It has been immensely successful with the participating youth deep into studies as varied as dentistry, travel and tourism and engineering. Currently we have 14 youth in the Empowerment Project. The objective of this project has been to empower a group of youth who have been disadvantaged by trafficking and displacement to become strong and independent citizens of Nepal. The results have shown that it has worked remarkably well, and NGN is very proud of these youths. They now can return to their communities as successes and examples for others.


We Need Your Help

As of 2017, there are still 15,000 children living in abusive orphanages. 80% of these children are not orphans; they have families. Help us reunite them.