Conor Grennan and Samjyor Lama attending the premiere of HBO’s “Finding the Way Home”.

NGN was one of just a few INGO’s picked to participate in this documentary. Focusing on the stories of eight children who have been reunited with family members or placed in loving foster homes after experiencing the trauma of institutionalization, Finding the Way Home highlights the painful realities of the eight million children living in orphanages and other institutions around the world. The film shares insights from families, social workers and dedicated foster parents to illustrate what it truly means to be home. Heartbreaking, enlightening and uplifting, Finding the Way Home visits overcrowded children’s institutions, nurturing foster homes and reunited households to trace a complex path through both state-run and private orphanages – from Moldova to Nepal.

Inspired by the work of J.K. Rowling’s foundation Lumos, directed and produced by Emmy®-winners Jon Alpert and Matthew O’Neill, and with narration by Oscar®-winning actor Eddie Redmayne, Finding the Way Home brings to light the many factors – poverty, discrimination, drug addiction, war, natural disaster – that bring children to these institutions, and instills hope for a world where every child has a home.

Currently available on HBO and other streaming providers.

We Need Your Help

As of 2019, there are still 15,000 children living in abusive orphanages. 80% of these children are not orphans; they have families. Help us reunite them.